22 август 2006

To All British Buyers of Real Estates in Bulgaria

Dear British Buyer of Real Estates in Bulgaria,
Dear Foreigner, who think about to spend yours savings in a new apartment in Bulgaria,

I would like to inform you that with your desire to earn more money when you invest in real estates in Bulgaria, that you are a participant of destroying and killing the beautiful flora and fauna in my country.

You stimulate real estate agencies and construction companies such as Swiss Properties Ltd to build huge resort villages in protected nature areas such as Irakli where construction is prohibited.
Are You wondering how it can be build a village in such protected by law territory? Well, with your money the real estate agencies bribe the poor bulgarian state clerk and then they can get the papers which they need to start constructing.

When you intend to buy a property on the virgin Black Sea Coast or near the mountain resorts such as Pamporovo, Bansko, Borovetz, you buy it because of the beautiful nature, but you are not the only one who wants to have that lovely view from the window,and when in the beginning there is only one building on the shore or in the wood, after 1-2 years there will be more and more buildings like that one where you got a puny apartment of 50 sq.m., and you will lose you beautiful view and you will help passively with destroying the nature surroundings.

I'm sure that with every 1000 pound sterlings or 1000 EUR that you are the reason a tree to be cut or a protected species from the flora or fauna to be killed.

Do you like that? I dont think so.

I'm looking for your comments...

Your Friend

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