21 юни 2022

The Blood and Soul of Aeroflot

Companies exist because of their employees. This post is for the "blood and soul" of any company.

Aeroflot стюардеси в униформи

Aeroflots one of the most famous worldwide. At the end of 2019, Aeroflot Group had 359 aircraft and 41,296 employees.

These are just the numbers. But what does stand behind them?

Here are they! These are Aeroflot - men and women who work/worked hard and fell in love with aviation like all of us.

I took that photo one year ago at Varna Airport when we saw the first glimpse of post-COVID recovery in travelling.

The Aeroflot crew members are proud of wearing stylish red and white uniforms with gloves (anyone in aviation is delighted about being part of their airline's branding) and have smiles on their faces, holding Bulgarian roses.

I hope the captains and the cabin crew members are fine and their love of aviation hasn't burnt out.

Once in the aviation business, I believe that they will continue to be the ambassadors of freedom and will never stop being citizens of the World.

According to the latest news, in the next ten years, Russian aviation will switch to the Russian aircraft MS-21, Tu-214 and Sukhoi Superjet 100.

Due to Western sanctions, Aeroflot would have to dismantle the remaining Boeing and Airbus aircraft for parts in order to continue its work.