15 февруари 2006

Celebration of Saint Trifon Zarezan

In Bulgaria we like drinking alcoholic drinks - whisky, vodka, wine and etc. and beer of course. Well yesterday was the day when all Bulgarians have a wine drink.

Me too with my girlfriend. :)

And there is one more speciality on that day - that all restaurants are full, no room at all.
That's why with Rosi we were walking in the cold night and we were looking for a place we can have a drink. Maybe we went about 4-5 restaurants and all they were full. I was a little bit pissed off of walking and trying to find where to stay, so we decided to go to the nearest shop and to buy a bottle of red wine [a desperate decision, huh? :))] Hmm, but on the way to the shop we got two more choices where to stay - the one was....what? full of course! :) but the second one there were some free tables and even we got the chance to choose which one to get! Can you imagine? :)

At last we found a place where we could warm ourself and drink some wine, red wine, Merlo from Targowishte,hehehe! [sounds happy] :)
And we started drinking wine for our healthy times :)

I forgot...it is a little bit funny situation, but for the Day of the beloved [aka Saint Valentine's] we made a gift for each other a box with candies [by a fluke], and because I like drinking whisky in my candies there was Teacher's whisky. Superb! Thanks again, my sweety! :) ;)

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