19 февруари 2006

About friends, babies and a cow called Milka

Today has been a long day for me, now I'm tired typing in front of my PC and wondering what to type at all. Have to clear my mind so I can find the right words. I know it is easier to write in bulgarian language, but I know that if I do that, the I will type thousand words...more than I can afford to type for a day like this one :)
Just 6 hours of sleep - not enough for me, especially when outside was sunny and it has been Sunday - a day when I should go out then staying again at my home. Nervous home. Best to do is to go to ride my bike.

[forgot I'm tired now] :)

Three important moments this day.

I was drinking my beer in front of the underground shop Na Tamno when my friend Galia came. I have not seen her for almost a month which is a lot of time especially when inside of her there is a growing baby. So the first thing I saw was that her belly was bigger than before. Obviously.
In spite that I was with my bike we took a walk so we can see each other and to chat.
To chat about babies. :)
About that every girl of my friends are going to have a baby soon.
Even when we were walking I met one of my girl's classmates, Sibel, very nice girl with her 6 monts old baby :) . I asked her who of our classmates got a baby already and she told me that about other 4-5 girls had became young mothers. Wow! “I have to go now”, I said to her, because I started to feel that I was behind the time! Hahah! :)
What else I could say? ;)

Babies are the new fashion around me! :)

Wow! I forgot to mention that I have seen Memol today! My favorite dog of one of my friends! Memol was walking near the Siana's sister. She was with her boyfriend who holded Memol. I didnt mentioned Memol at all! But when we said hello each other and then I looked at the dog and I recognized she was Memol! And I said "But this is Memol!" and Memol turned back to me and came to me so I can hug it. I love Memol, really, I dont know how and why! :) But Memol is very special dog for me! :)

With Galia we turned back to the Child Corner where my girlfriend Rossi works. She occupies the job position of “Animator” and often she plays with children and she helps them to paint ceramic figures. Very funny job! Even she allowed me to paint her piercing! Red dots on the top of her piercing’s cones. I have been pleased one more time today. Hehe! :P
When she has enough time for herself she paints a cow of the famous chocolate Milka. I help her with the colouring of the white spots. Well, about 4-5 white stains of the Milka’s body is my work! But not only the white stains! Pleased smile again? Yeah! :)
Well, I’m tired. I will not type here for today anymore. I have to go to sleep. I would like to go to sleep but now I cannot. Hope soon.

Ciao! ;)

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